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Name: Shelby 

Date of birth: 21 Februari 2014

Color: Black silver tabby blotched white


Test Result Date
HCM Negative 31 March 2015
PKD Normal 31 March 2015
FIV / FelV Negative 31 March 2015
PL Normal 31 March 2015

Show Date Result
Jülich (D) 28 June 2014 U1 & Nom. BIS
Elsdorf (D) 14 September 2014 U! & BIS
Nörvenich (D) 11 October 2014 U1
Helden-Panningen 9 November 2014 U2
Nörvenich (D) 20 December 2014 CAC
Houten 25 Januari 2015 CAC & Nom. BIS
Namen (Be) 15 Februari 2015 CAC & Champion
Aken (D) 7 June 2015 CACIB & Nom. BIS

Shelby first came into our house as a pet. Later on we, in coordination with her breeder, we decided we would use her for breeding. This was the start of our cattery.

Shelby is a very relaxed cat, but she doesn't like to be messed around with. She can be quite a tough girl. She loves to lay on one of the cat trees and every morning when we wake up, she will come to us for her daily cuddles. She is a very great mother and her first litter of kittens turned out to be big cats. 

Shelby carries dilution and non-agouti.


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pootje  pootje  pootje  pootje






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