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The goal of our cattery is to raise healthy and socialised Maine Coon kittens and to place them with forever homes where they get the live they deserve. That is why we think it is important to inform you about our policy. This is not to scare anyone, but to make our expectations known and to make known what future Maine Coon owners can expect from us.

pootje Our cats have a big part of the house available and are raised in a social environment;

The kittens will move to their forever home when they are at least 13 weeks old. Health is most important!;

pootje Our kittens are up to date on their shots, microchipped and dewormed when they move. Off course they will move with a (European) petpassport, pedigree from Limbra Cat Club and the new owners will receive a bag of kitten goodies;

pootje We sell our kittens with a contract. The contract says (amongst other things) that the cat is not allowed outside (unless in a fenced garden or on a leash), if the cat may be used for breding and that the cat may never be declawed!;

pootje If you want to buy a kitten for future breeding, a different price will be charged compared to the pet price. Please contact us for more information;

pootje We always plan on bringing the kitten to the new forever home. We think it is important to see where the kitten will live. If, for whatever reason, the situation the kitten will live in is different (worse) as told, we will take the kitten back home without any refund of the deposit;

pootje We would like future kitten owners to visit us! That way we can get to know the people, they can get to know us and our cats. We think it is important that the new owners have a connection with the kitten;

pootje We expect the new owners to do everything in their power to give the kitten the great life it deserves, make sure it is (and stays) healthy and up to date on shots;

pootje We would like to stay in contact with the new owners. We appreciate it a lot if the new owners keep us updated on the life of the kittens we raised for the first weeks of their lives as they are (and always will be) our babies.

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Our cats are tested on genetic deseases:.
In Amerika they are tested for: HCM, PKD, PKDef and PRA (all DNA) and FIV/FelV.
In the Netherlands they are tested for: FIV/FelV, HCM and PKD (echo), PKDef, SMA and PRA (DNA).

All of our cats are off course up to date on their shots.

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Maine Coons are one of the largest cat breeds. However, no breeder can give any guarantee on how big a kitten will get! Therefor we will not say our kittens will be big! We do not give any guarantee on big cats. Some breeders sell "XXL Maine Coons". To us, that is just a bad salestalk and we do not agree with this.
We think the health of a kitten is way more important than the size of a kitten. The bigger the cat, the bigger the risk on health issues.

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