Maine Coon Cattery Sherman's Friends





Although cats have 9 lives, they don't live forever. On this page are the cats that crossed the rainbowbridge.

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sherman Sherman was the first cat in our house. He was a regular housecat. He was so sweet. Compared to our Maine Coons he was very small.

When Bailey and Malibu came to our house, they soon became friends. Especially Malibu got along with Sherman very well.

At one point Sherman got sick. His kidneys were bad. After trying everything, the kidneys were so bad that we had to take the tough decision to let Sherman go.
Malibu was, just like us, extremly sad because of this

When we decided to start breeding Maine Coons, for us this was the best opportunity to honour Sherman. So we named our cattery after him. So we never forget this special cat!

On May 30 we got the sad news that one of the kittens out of our first litter, Winnie of Sherman's Friends, suddenly past away. Winnie was born on October 18, 2015 so she was only 1,5 years old.

Winnie past away very suddenly and we all miss her a lot. Especially her brother Chester, who she was living with in a great new home.







Maine Coon Cattery Sherman's Friends