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Name: El Niño of Misty's Dreams

Date of birth: 26 Juli 2016

Color: Red silver tabby blotched white


Test Result Date
FIV / FelV N / N 24 July 2017

Show Date Result
Texas in Bloom, Mesquite  (CFA) 15 April 2017 6 rings, 6 x Best Champion (Maine Coon)
Gulf Shore Regional,
Houston (CFA)
10 - 11 June 2017 8 rings, 8 x Best Champion (Maine Coon)

El Niño moved to our house November 2016. At the time, Melrose was pregnant and ready to deliver her babies. El Niño loved it, since he was so young himself. He loved to play with the kittens.

El Niño is going to be our breeding male. We love not only his color, his character is amazing: He is the sweetest cat there is. He is a tru gentle giant (He is going to be a big guy).

Together with his friend Savannah he loves to turn the house upside down as they run through the house chasing each other. But the next moment, he will be the sweetest cat laying around and relaxing. 


pootje  pootje  pootje  pootje

pootje  pootje  pootje  pootje

* The "glamourshots" are made by Helmi Flick Photography






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